Instructor & Employee Pledge

Instructor Pledge

Welcome to B-Well Nation! We are thrilled that you have chosen to exercise with us and commit to a healthy lifestyle. Our instructor pledge to you:

  1. When you arrive at B-Well Nation Fitness Center, we will welcome you politely & warmly.
  2. We will introduce ourselves, show you around, and ask you fill out participant paperwork. This enables us to provide you a safe and effective fitness experience for you.
  3. We will always be available before and after class to answer your questions.
  4. If this is your first class at B-Well, we will ask you important questions about your current level of health and fitness. This is for your safety while you participate in our programs.
  5. Our goal at B-Well is to provide you with the highest quality fitness experience in the area. Our instructors are trained and licensed by fitness industry leaders. Please ask us about our fitness certifications; we are very proud of our level of professionalism in the area and in our industry!
  6. No matter what your fitness level, we promise to provide a safe fitness experience. We will always provide modifications and options to suit your fitness level.
  7. We promise to lead, teach, and encourage you during all fitness classes.

Most of all, we promise to provide you a safe, healthy, and positive
fitness experience.


Participant Pledge

Because YOU are a valued member of B-Well Nation Fitness Center, please take a moment to read and honor this pledge.

  1. I will inform B-Well Nation  and its instructors of any changes in my health, which could affect my ability to exercise.  Examples include (but are not limited to) any change in medications, pregnancy, injuries or illnesses.
  2. I will come to class with proper footwear for the class in which I am about to participate.
  3. I will properly fuel my body with food and water before participating in any exercise program.
  4. I will immediately inform instructors if, during exercise, I am feeling unwell, nauseous, dizzy, or have any symptoms which are out of the ordinary for my body during exercise.
  5. I will immediately inform instructors if I injure myself or experience pain during class.
  6. Upon return to exercise classes after injury or long term illness, I will inform instructors of any limitations/concerns that may affect my class participation.
  7. I will take responsibility for my body.  I will be aware of my body’s “cues” during exercise and respond accordingly (use/ask for modifications, get a drink, alert instructor, take a break).